Pattern for Manos del Uruguay yarn

Does anyone know of a great looking pattern for Manos Del Uruguay yarn. I initially bought a few skeins to start working on a sweater and as it turns out I don’t think the colors I have chosen will make the type of sweater I initially wanted. The color is #115 it is a maroon type color with shades of dark burgundy, red and very small patches of light pink marbled throughout. Definately a great color, but one of those colors that has to meet the right design in order to work. Thanks for your help!

This has been a popular pattern which calls for Manos, although lots of other yarns could certainly be used as well.

Thank you gardenmommy for the manos pattern, but I will still have some manos left over. Does anyone happen to have the Mayan Scarf Pattern. I would get it online, but they are providing the yarn and the pattern and the last thing I need is more yarn seeing as though I am trying to use what I already have.

Thanks a bunch.

Frisky_Kittie made a hat to match, but I’m not sure she had a specific pattern to it.

Oh I loved doing the My So Called Scarf! Its a really nice stitch. I didn’t use Manos because I couldn’t get it around here but they have some beautiful colours.

I have this pattern but I haven’t been able to get it on needles yet… Other bags from the site here don’t necessarily use manos, but you could use it anyway.

A booga bag might be nice too!