Pattern for Lawn Bowl polishing sleeve

My father has asked me to knit him a polishing sleeve for his new set of lawn bowls. Does anyone have a pattern/suggestions???

I just had to go to google - I had no idea what you needed!

I found out a lot about lawn bowls, aka lawn bowling.

I found these polishing sleeves:; which describes it as a 30" long sleeve. I imagine you put the ball into it and sort of roll it around to polish up the balls. So you could cast on enough stitches to run the circumfrence of a ball, and knit for 30". Done!

I’m a bit of a new knitter (can read patterns, but not so good at figuring out things on my own yet). I guess I’m curious about the type of yarn to use and also how many stitches I’d need to cast on. I’ve made simple hats for my boys and seem to have a hard time getting it to come out to the right size!!!