Pattern for knitted toe sock pattern

My little girl and I went to wal-mart and she saw some socks that had built in toes they were way to big for her and I told her that maybe I could find a pattern for them to make. So I was hoping that maybe someone would have this pattern or some ideas on how to get one. I hope this will work… :thinking: :?? :pray:
thank you Jenifer

I found that,…it’s in Small Medium and Large, and to becoming a member on that site is free.

I remember I wanted to knit some toe socks before too, so I’ll keep my eye on my old files for you.

and then i found a forum where a lady talked about all sock types and she gave a reference for sock books and i bet you that at least one of them has a toe sock pattern :wink: good luck :smiley:

This is quoted from her post

"Ethnic Socks and Stockings by, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
Folk Socks by, Nancy Bush
Socks from Interweave Press (from the contest)
Socks, Socks. Socks from XRX (Knitter’s Magazine)

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann (of course)

And Handknitting with Meg Swanson

Also check out the Vogue sock books, Twisted Sisters, Cool Socks for Warm Feet (I love the title); and the book from Brown Sheep that has all the sweaters and sock patterns by Vivkie Square and there are Ann Budd’s books - can’t remember the titles right now."

Ohhh thank you for that… I love those socks and have been thinking that I need to learn how to make them:) I was just thinking of posting about it.

Now to decide if I want to be brave and dive in with that as my first sock pattern lol. hmmmm :thinking:

OH MY I LOVE THIS !!! :heart: :heart: :inlove: :inlove:

I am going to make these

So glad I could help :wink: Now if only I could get around to making some socks… :XX:

Have you ever made socks before? I have made one sock and I didn’t like it so I took it all out and now NOW I am trying to do it again… I use the Magic loop so it takes me a while to get a hang of it all


No, I have never made socks before, but I am contemplating it, and really want to make some of those socks that you can reknit the bottom after they wear out. Hand knit socks seem like they might last so much longer.

Good luck with the magic loop :wink: I’m so intimidated by that lol. :thumbsup: