Pattern for Knitted Navtivity Figures?

Hi there,

I know it is a little unseasonal to be thinking of Christmas already but I just wondered if anyone had a pattern to knit Nativity figures?

My church has one set which we use to tell the Christmas Story to our preschool “Trinity Nippers” group and they absolutely love them.

Now our vicar would like to give a set to each of our 3 local schools as a gift for next Christmas - but we don’t have a pattern.

I’m quite a beginner knitter but I’ve managed a few scarves and three sweaters so far so I’m a fairly confident one - plus I have a knitting mother who has been knitting for years and my sister has also recently taken it up - so I have a lot of support if things get too tricky!

If anyone has any suggestions they will be very gratefully received.

Many thanks

It’s OK - I found one! :smiley:

It’s here if anyone else is interested. (scroll to the bottom of the page)

This is a UK site but if you search on the pattern title you can find it in the US too.

Those are so cute! When I was looking I found these cute sweaters, too.

:smiley: I like them both!!

Those are very sweet. I like the nativity and the sweater too!! :XX: :XX:

Here’s one here: