Pattern for "fly away" cardigan?

Seen any patterns for a cardigan, open front sweater that has lapels that drape down to a point at the hem? I’ve seen them in stores. There are coat length ones also that are nice. Would like to knit one.
Jean has great patterns, lots free and lots to purchase. I know I’ve seen a sweater like this recently. Knit Picks might also have something like that. Or Lion Brand Yarn. Oh so many places to look!

Good luck!


Here’s a few I found, but I know there are more.

Whisper cardigan

Elizabeth Wrap Cardigan

There is one on Ravelry called Summer Solstice that is what I think you are talking about. Ravelry is free to join if you aren’t a member.

hi MGM i visit the link and find they are nice i shall purchase it soon

I love cardigans. I just need to screw up the courage to actually knit myself one.

Of course you can knit a cardi, Angela. I actually find them easier than pull overs. Why not begin with one for a toddler. Small things are great. You cast on, knit a few rows and you’re done. Almost instant knitting gratification. I’m going to do one that I found by accident from a list from Sue or Jan for something else. It’s a free pat. from Garn Studio - # 119 in their new collection. I seem to be having trouble sending links but if you go to their site you’ll find it. You might like it. It’s knit in 2 pieces from one front edge (no buttons or holes) around to the back then the other side ditto. Only 1 seam in back to join and just B.O for holes to set in a little sleeve. Abundanza!! Jean