Pattern for fancy yarn

I picked up some cheap “fancy” yarn at the store… factory mill ends, yay.

It’s kind of this style:

But a tricolour yarn (blue / brown / purple). I have no idea what to do with it having never used any type of fancy yarn like this, so I’m looking for suggestions if anyone has a pattern that shows off this type of yarn well. I don’t have too much of it (3 skeins), so scarves, hats, mits… that sort of thing.

(Links to patterns for sale as most acceptable).


Stitch patterns don’t show up well in this type of yarn, so keep it simple - garter, stockinette, ribbing or basket stitch.


What yarn is that?

I don’t know; it came up when I did a search for Fancy Yarns or something to that effect - to find a photo that was similar to what I have (which isn’t nearly as nice as what is in the photo).

It is from this website:

Wish I could read it :frowning: But my powerful deduction skills tell me that the yarn is angora :rofl:

Oh, silly me, the website does have an English option. There still isn’t much info about that yarn, sadly.