Pattern for D.Bliss Cotton Angora?

I’m looking for a pattern for my 2 and 1/2 year old grandson.

I’m thinking a pullover, but would consider a cardigan.

I have debbie bliss cotton angora that I want to use and it is 18 st =4 inch and 24 rows.

Anybody have any favorites!!??


Here are some possibilities for you using this weight of yarn… (just omit the icecream?)

Dear Ashtonh,
Thank you so much! :yay: I especially love the first one! But will probably make the third one without the icecream cone, just because he will outgrow it quickly (but I’m going to make it a little bigger.

I might just make the first one for my older grandson, he can wear it and pass it down to the little one!

Thanks again!:hug: