Pattern for Bernat Savannah yarn needed

Looking for a sweater pattern for Bernat Savannah yarn. With #8 needle, I get 21sts/22 rows =4"

You really don’t need to match the yarn with a pattern written for that specific yarn. Any pattern that gets a similar number of stitches per inch should work. (Try looking for patterns that use DK or light worsted). If the pattern calls for a slightly different gauge – say, 23 or 24 stitches per 4 inches – do another swatch on smaller needles and see if you still like the look of the fabric.

Is this a really old yarn? I can’t find anywhere including ebay! Because of it’s age you probably won’t find patterns specifically for this yarn. Based on your gauge it looks like it’s probably a DK weight give or take. So look for patterns that require DK weight yarn. You could also go from either sport to worsted though and adjust the needle size and see if would work, too.

I don’t know what the yarn looks like, but there are a lot of patterns here.