Pattern for beginning cablers

I decided to put aside my current (frustrating) project for a bit and knit myself something relatively quick and easy. I decided to make this pattern:

Celtic Cable Neck Warmer

It occurred to me that this might be a really good pattern for a knitter who wants to learn cables. The reasons why:
[li]There are four types of cables in the pattern, all very straightforward.[/li]
[li] Gauge isn’t super important, so you can concentrate on learning the cables and not have to worry about it.[/li][li]It’s not huge, so you won’t feel like it will take you forever to do (it only takes about 130 yards of worsted weight yarn).[/li][li]The chart is really well designed.[/li][/ul]

So if you’re new to cables or want to learn them, I’d take a look at this pattern. :slight_smile:

Very pretty! And for more experienced at cables knitters, it could be made longer for a scarf.

I bookmarked it! Thank you!

Yeah, it looks like several people on Ravelry have done that.

Hee hee… I’ve got this in my queue…:slight_smile: