Pattern for Alpaca Scarf

I bought some variegated alpaca yarn with the idea of making a lacy scarf with it. However, after knitting about 2 inches of the scarf, I realize that the lacy pattern doesn’t stand out with variegated yarn. The yarn is periwinkle shading to off-white. What would be a good scarf (or any other suggestion) pattern to highlight the variegation of the yarn?:knitting:

Variegated and fuzzy yarn often looks best in a simple pattern. Things like cables and lace don’t show up as well as you’ve discovered.

Maybe something like this? If you’re on Ravelry check the first link to see all the beautiful scarves in this pattern.

Thank you for the reply. The pattern at Ravelry looks just right. (I tried to print it out and all 45 pages started to print! How do I specify which pages to print?)

45 pages…?

Just copy and paste the pattern part only into a text or word document from the blog page. It should only be about 10 lines, starting where it says YARN: About 12 wraps per inch, or roughly a worsted weight.

I think I figured out how to print the pages I want!

You can also highlight the part you need to print and instead of choosing ‘print all’ choose ‘print selected’. For anyone else who’s wondering…

Or go to ‘print preview’ and see which pages include the pattern. it can be a lot of extra pages when it prints all the comments people make to the blogger about the pattern!