Pattern for a young boys sport motif blanket

I just got back from visiting my only grandchildren in Indonesia. Made a cute blanket for my 2 year old grand daughter and now my 6 year old grandson would like a blanket with some type of sports theme. Checked everywhere in can’t seem to find one.

I remembered reading this and waiting to post when I got home. Forgot, sorry. I don’t have a sport blanket patterns, per se, but have you considered making a blanket with different sport motifs on it. I’m sure this is what you meant originally, but if you can’t find charts, you could make them on knitting graph paper.

Or maybe do a sports motif pattern on Google.

Thanks. That is a good idea. I am not sure my skills are up to that but I could try. Have graph paper…now to find the skill???

You have the skill to make a blanket for your 2 year old g’daughter, you can do it for the g’son, too. You wouldn’t want him to think that grandma doesn’t love him now, to you? :wink: Intarsia isn’t really that difficult, kind of like color by number. Soccerball, volleyball, baseball, tennis ball, they’re all about the same, anyway. Stretch 'em out and you’ve got a football!

Thanks so much for you inspiration. That little guilty thing about making one for Sophie and not Harmen really got me. I am going to get it figured out and start. I actually have had a knitting slump since I got home 2 weeks ago from Jakarta. I just have to start sorting out my yarn and projects and I will get going. Have a good week.

I did a chicago bears pillow for someone. I didnt know how to knit then, so what i did was the afghan stitch with the crochet knitting needle and then I cross-stitched the motif into it. Was super easy. There are a lot of sports themed and teams in cross stitch patterns and very easy to do into knitting then.

Thanks to Kelly I just discovered this site and thought of your blanket. I didn’t look over the whole site, but it’s certainly a good place to look!