Pattern for a Skirt

Hi, I am new to knitting and new to this forum, even though I have used the videos, which are great to understand stitches.

I have asked this question on another forum but I am looking for additional suggestion in order to either find a pattern or to go about making a pattern.

I am looking for a pattern or suggestion on a skirt, but the skirt is not the main garment it is an over the skirt knitted skirt that can be coordinated with a top but a floral or patterned skirt can go under the knitted one.

Someone suggested crocheted dolies on a grander scale, but I wanted to see if there maybe some more suggestion on there.

I saw the garment in a movie, but I have been unable to obtain a picture where the character is wearing it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Debbie R

What’s the movie? Maybe someone will remember it, too. That could help find something similar.

Does sound like crochet would be your best bet.

The movie is “Yours, Mine and Ours” from 2005. There is a scene in the movie were she is talking to her husband and she is getting ready for bed and takes of a kind of lacy, I call, an over skirt. it is black and the bottom skirt shows through.


I know the scene and the “over skirt” of which you speak. I’ve not seen a pattern, that I recall, for something like that BUT will holler should I come across something that MIGHT work for you. What she wore looks like it was crocheted rather than knit.

While not like Russo’s in the movie, something perhaps along these lines?

This one appears to be more along the correct style of what Russo wore. Note that this one is crochet.