Pattern for a really simple but open net shopping bag?

You know what I mean? I want a cotton bag that will crumple up in the bottom of my regular handbag, then when I’m out buying junk I won’t have to carry those horrible plastic bags around, I can scrunch the plastic bags or food or hair conditioner into the bag I pull out of my other bag and put over my shoulder.

Like those old time net bags, very open work but durable.

I checked all the patterns, French shopping bag, etc. on Knitting Pattern Central and they don’t have a simple one. Very open netting. Should I just try to create my own? hmmmmmmmmm What do you think? Have you seen any patterns around like this?

Oh, I know, they used to be macrame bags didn’t they? :??

What about THIS ONE, Vic? Its really just YOs and K2tog’s all around a fat circular needle…

Oooh that is a good idea!

Oh Kelly Kelly Kelly! I’m so happy. Thank you! Where the heck did you find that… come to think of it, I think I saw that a long time ago.
Oh wow. Very cool, you are wonderful! :heart:

p.s. And so quick too! :smiley:

Found it at Knitting Patterns Central…named Turkish something or other, so you wouldnt have found it under “shopping” or “groceries” or “French” or “food” or “stuff it in my purse”.

Glad to help!

DARN! i have this pattern in my bookmarks and I thought “OH I KNOWWWWW” until I say KK’s greased lightning response :doh: i also have a printed pattern for a that has a similar look, but it’s tying knots with a thousand pieces of string instead of knitting; I have my kids at school use this technique to tie beads around water bottles to make shekeres… oo but now maybe I can KNIT the beads around a water bottle for a shekere!! Fun!

Is this a race, Hilde Darlin?

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re The Subject! :rollseyes: um,

I couldn’t figure it out Kelly… (& those who can) It just looks complicated to me. I suppose it’s not but what does this mean:

Cast on 15 stitches and, working back and forth on the circular needle, knit 32 rows, making a garter stitch square with 16 ridges on each side.

Continuing from the corner where the final row finishes, pick up and knit 15 stitches along each of the other three sides of the square (total 60 stitches)

I mean, how do you pick up stitches on a square you’ve made on a circular? I suppose I should look at ‘picking up stitches’ before asking this but… I know how to pick up stitches on a sock but on a square edge? I dunno. And the other stuff sounds hard too.

I got very impatient and just started knitting this other simple bag but believe it or not (I’m pretty thick sometimes I guess) I started doing it on 2 straight needles. I DON’T KNOW WHY. Check this pattern, she says to use 2 sets of different size circulars and then she never says which ones to use, nor the dpns… or if you should join the rounds. I think it’s not a very good pattern. ? (although it’s easy once you get into it)

Sooooo, after those first 8 rows with all those stiches on them, I could hardly wield ??? the straight needles and I put them on a circular & joined them so as to have no seam. I have a hole of course at the bottom but I was danged if I was going to frog this thing after all those make ones. m1 So I figure I will crochet a bottom into it.

Ha ha, the saga of the so-called easy shopping bag. Btw, it’s looking pretty cool… it’s white white white cotton, I got a big cone of it at Wal-yuk-mart… for only $2.30!

But this bag may be a joke in the end.


:rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

Yeah, see my post in the questions forum :doh:

It might be a bit late to post Vic, but this one just came out at Knitty.

Thanks Beldaraan! It’s pretty nice, that big bag. Guess I’ll keep going on what I’ve started though, see what turns out. Maybe make that bag later…