Pattern for a much loved Puppy toy

Tesco Puppy hugs was made in the UK about three years ago. It was discontinued after 6 months due to a manufacturing fault and never made again.

This toy is so coveted by babies in the UK that used ones that have been chewed they sell on ebay for sometimes as much as £60-£90 ($120-$180).

My two year old niece is a Puppy Hugs Addictee - she takes her everywhere, she chews her everywhere. Wash day is a sad day for my niece.

Puppy is looking worse for wear these days and I’m looking for a knitting pattern, not to replace puppy, but to be a bit of a friend to her and maybe a transition onto other toys.

Puppy looks like this:

The head, feet and hands are stuffed, but the body is flat (like someone forgot the stuffing.)

Can anyone help?

What’s the question? :??

Do you want a knit pattern? A sewing pattern? Did you search Ebay? Not sure what you want…

I’m looking for a knitting pattern in a similar shape/style. I’ve looked in the usual places but can’t find anything similar.


Hmmm… :thinking: I’ve never seen anything quite like that either. You might have to come up with your own.