Pattern for a "manly" hat?

Wishing you well, everybody. Does anyone know or can direct me to a hat pattern for a guy? I’d like to knit one for my brother, who wears a few hats. Seems like there’s alot of patterns for us girls and I’m having some trouble finding a manly one.:teehee: I’ve found ones for berets but those are a no-go. Thank you!

There are pages of patterns on Ravelry (free to join). Did you have something in particular in mind (a beanie or something more tailored, maybe a newsboy’s cap)?’s%20knit%20hat&page=1&view=captioned_thumbs&sort=best

Salmonmac, you hit the nail on the head with the newsboy’s cap, that’s what I was seeing in my head.:hug: I do belong to Ravelry and I’ll check it out. They do have fantastic patterns there, don’t they? I’m so glad you mentioned the newsboy’s cap since that would be right up my brother’s alley. Thank you lots!:cheering:

I found one yesterday that looks good, has a few intertwined cables but is basically a ribbed hat. It’s free on Knitty too - Knotty but Nice.

This is more of an English driving cap but some people have done it here at KH. A fisherman’s cap is in the same spirit, too.

Suzeeq I like that one, too. Shoot, I’d make it for myself!:wink:

Oh wow Salmonmac, that’s the one I’m going with. Thank you very much.:hug:

There’s a new man in my life who could use a hat when it’s cold out. He has some, but I was thinking about making him another. So this one struck me as suitable for him, the only problem is I don’t like ribbing!!! We’ll see if I like him more than I dislike ribbing and cables… Or I’ll find another - I like the one salmonmac linked too.

I think I’ll make it too! salmonmac, you’ve started something!

Wait! Are you saying you’ll find another man rather than do ribbing and cables? Wow! That’s a bit strong, Sue! :teehee:

Noooo, another pattern. lol

Here’s another hat (in case you’re interested):

It uses only 1 skein of LB’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick and is SUPER fast to knit!!


We’ll see if I like him more than I dislike ribbing and cables… Or I’ll find another -

It makes sense to me, Sue, whether you mean find another man or another hat. I think you meant hat, but still…As I recall you knit English and ribbing in English is less than fun; even Continental I can’t say I love it. To do much ribbing for someone signifies a big commitment! :wink:

ETA: OK, I see you said another pattern. I missed some posts in between.

Yeah, I’m experimenting on a hat now doing k1 sl 1 then a round of knits and alternate the 2 rounds instead of ribbing. It looks pretty good until you stretch it, then it it doesn’t look like ribbing anymore.

It was hard enough to find a man where the feeling is mutual, so I plan on sticking with this one for a while. :smiley: I’ll do ribbing on a hat edge, just not so much for the whole hat.

I’ll do ribbing on a hat edge, just not so much for the whole hat.

Absolutely! We must establish ground rules and boundaries. If knitting a hat lasts longer than a relationship… Sue, seriously, I’m very happy for you. It sounds like he’s very much worth doing ribbing for. :thumbsup:

Oh, a hat only takes a few hours, building a relationship takes a lot more time. It’s very brand, too, have only been dating a few weeks and due to our work schedules can usually only manage to see each other on Sundays, though he calls nearly every day. He’s getting some extra days off over the holidays and may actually be on days for that week when he does work, so that could intensify things.

Here’s hoping the hat, the ribbing, the cables, the holidays, and the man all work out stupendously!! (Did I miss anything?)

Thanks. Though I might do a basic beanie. I know he’s got one like that.

I made myself a bright pink hat out of “watermelon” yarn. Can’t miss me on the ski slopes. Manly for sure.

I just posted this pattern on Grumpy Grandma’s blog. It’s post #17. This is my own made up pattern, very easy, and something guys like.