Pattern for a knitted magpie needed please

My elderly friend is knitting a jumper (pullover) for her son and wants to knit a magpie (an Australian bird) into it. She’s asked me to find a pattern for her. Is anyone able to help please? Thanks

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I couldn’t find a sweater with a magpie, or a crow for that matter. I can offer this website which may help in converting a photo or drawing into a chart for knitting.

Thank you for that link. I’ve downloaded a knitting graph so I’ll see her tomorrow and see if she’s able to work with that. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I came across yesterday.

Its’ SUPER easy to use. I converted a photo into a needlepoint pattern, it gives you several options re size, stitches per inch, and even the complexity of the pic. (The most complicated in mine involves 74 colours…) it even tells you how many skeins you’ll need.

It gives knitting graphs as well.