Pattern for a Husker fan

Does anyone have a pattern for something for a Nebraksa Cornhusker fan? I can find some Texas Longhorn stuff (dishcloth, scarf).

Thanks in advance…I LOVE this site!:woot:

I don’t have any pattern ideas for you, but I just wanted to say that I’m a Husker too and would be interested if you find any good patterns. I was thinking of just making a little red hat for my son with a white “N” in intarsia - but I’m not a very good with charting my own patterns.

I really don’t either but really anything red and white (uhh excuse me… scarlet and creme, my husband would disown me if I left it as red and white lol) would work.
If you want to chart your own there is a great website that will help you called KnitPro. I charted an N for my hubbies blanket and stuck that in the middle. Its not a good picture (taken with my old camera at night forever ago) This one is not knit but Tunisian crochet. It will give you the idea though. When I made this I had never used a chart or done colorwork so it is worth a try!
(Enjoy the game today? :doh:)

Thanks for the ideas…I’ve never done a chart before, so this might be an good way to learn!

Go Huskers!!!