Pattern for a frock coat?

Hello there :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of a big project, but I’m looking for a fitted frock coat pattern - I like a lot of coat patterns out there but they’re not fitted enough for someone of my size - I need to emphasise the hourglass, not square up the edges :wink: They’re also usually a bit short - this is the kind of thing I was thinking of…

Thanks in advance - even a basic pattern that I could modify would be great - at the moment the idea is extrapolating the 8inch pirate coat on the toy in this month’s Simply Knitting to my size, so anything better would be good :wink:

Fi xx

How about Foxy from Jaeger?

something like these perhaps

Argh! There’s about 4 patterns there I really want to do… thanks guys :slight_smile: Oh dear… this is going to be expensive … :wink:

[SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I’ll have to look to see what issue but do you get Vogue knitting? I think it’s last winter edition, there’s this incredible frock coat a lot like that one and soooooo beautiful. A little longer but very cinched waist and just gorgeous. They did it in purple. maybe it’s on a Vogue website.

oooh that sounds fantastic - couldn’t find it on the vogue website, am going to try other ones now. If you could find out what issue, that would be fantastic, then I can see if there’s any back issues available - thanks :slight_smile:

Fi xxx

Was this the one you were talking about?

[SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi! No that’s not it. It’s in purple and she’s pushing a wheelbarrow. I’ll go down to my stash and look through the magazines… I’m sure it was a winter issue, or Holiday issue and recent.
Back to you soon…

[SIZE=3]Ok I found it: It is the Holiday 2006 issue of Vogue Knitting. It might not be exactly what you want, more of a coat but it’s absolutely gorgeous. Cabled sleeves and stuff and it’s in navy blue not purple. the designer is that Vladimir Teriokhin whose stuff is great. I LOVE THAT COAT![/SIZE]

Oooh, found the pattern, thanks so much - I’m torn between the two now, but may have to make both :wink: Gosh darn dangit…

By chance, I ordered the Vogue knitting with the other coat in it, and saw the holiday issue there too, and ordered that along with it (along with Noro yarns that I can use! Will post pics soon ;-)) - so just looked up the coat and it’s gorgeous :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,
Fi xx

I just noticed your in Aberdeen! Scotland is fabulous, I was there twice… Inverness (wow) and the theater festival in Edinburgh. Oh yeah and stayed over night in Glasgow. The train ride was so beauitiful, I took the ferry over from Belfast then the train.

Getting off topic here! I like that other frock coat you posted, but I would make it shorter. The last one, burgundy? red? It’s sweet.
Big undertakings those coats!