Pattern ~ 'Fetching Inspired Wrist Warmers'

First off, I don’t really want to take credit for the original design here, I combined a few different patterns to come up with this, and just added my own little touches. I love how they turned out though and wanted to share it!

I used Patons Decor, a worsted weight acrylic/wool blend (very similar to Plymouth Encore). I used a size US3 needle. This is a MUCH tighter gauge than is recommended for this yarn but it makes a nice firm fabric and is nice and warm. Also let me say that I don’t have the daintiest of hands or wrists, so if you think these might be too big for you, you might want to go down a size needle for the cuff part at least, the rest is probably fine because of the ribbing.

I use magic loop for small diameter circular knitting but you can use dpns or 2 circs, I’m not going to be specific about the method because it works for all. There’s one spot where I reversed shaping for the left and right, those instructions are in color=red[/color], it’s not even that one instruction is specifically for the left and one is specifically for the right, I just made them and wear them, they aren’t hand specific, just that the little cables go opposite directions.

So…after all that blah blah blah…

sk2po - sl 1 st knitwise, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over
C3B - sl 1 st onto cable needle at back, K2, K1 from cable needle
C3F - sl 2 sts onto cable needle at front, K1, K2 from cable needle

Sorry to say, I don’t know what the gauge is :oops: but the cuff measures about 7" around. Bad knitter, I know :teehee:

With US3 needle, CO 48sts loosely. Join to work in the round.

Set-up row:
*K7, P1; rep around

Then, work 7 repeats of the following 4 round lace pattern:
Row 1: *K1, yo, K1, sk2po, K1, yo, K1, P1; rep around
Row 2: *K7, P1; rep around
Row 3: *K2, yo, sk2po, yo, K2, P1; rep around
Row 4: *K4, P1; rep around

Work 3 rounds of 3x1 rib (K3, P1 around)

Thumb gusset

Set-up row:
K3, P1, K1, pm, M1R, K1, M1L, pm, work rest of rnd in established pattern

Row 1: Work all sts in pattern, keep sts between markers in st st
Row 2: Work 5sts in pattern, slip marker, M1R, st st to next marker, M1L, slip marker, complete round in pattern

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 15 sts are between markers, then work 1 more repeat of row 1.

Next round:
Work 5 sts in pattern, put 15 gusset sts on waste yarn, cast on 7 sts using backward loop method, complete rest of round in pattern.

Next round:
Work in pattern, K2tog the first backward loop cast on st with the stitch before it and K2tog the last backward loop cast on st with the stitch after it (this will prevent a gap from forming where the new sts were cast on) You will now have 52 sts total.

Next round:
Continue in pattern, incorporate new cast on stitches into 3x1 rib, for 7 rounds.

Next round:
*C3B color=red[/color], P1; repeat around

Work 2 rounds in 3x1 rib, or more if desired, then BO in pattern.


Put 15 thumb gusset sts back on needle (if using dpns, divide the 15 over 2 needles); pick up 8 sts in gap on inside of thumb. Begin working in the round, first round as follows:
K14, K2tog, K6, K2tog (the K2tog’s keep a gap from forming between picked up stitches and gusset stitches)
You will now have 21 sts, work 6 rounds in st st, or desired length.
BO loosely.

:cheering: very cute!! Printed them out and added them to my to do list… Thank you for sharing the pattern with us…

Thanks so much for sharing :cheering:

This is an old post I know, but I wanted to say thanks for posting the pattern-I am printing it out right now!

It’s a gorgeous hand warmer and I am in the middle (okay, the beginning!) of a handwarmerknitting-fest! It’s really very nice of yu to take the time to share your pattern with us :muah:

Thanks again!

KQ they are GORGEOUS!!! :inlove:

I’ll bet Amy will post them on the pattern page; you should PM her!

Hey KQ I had a request for your mitts from a coworker !!!

:aww: :cheering: :cheering:

Gee I missed these. They are gorgeous! I feel like ripping the ones out that I’m working on, they have such a plain ol’ cuff.
Shoot. Well, next time. Thanks for such a lovely pattern!

I don’t mean to come accross as rude or ignorant, but I just don’t understand the reason to have wrist warmers, I understand gloves and mittens to keep your hands and fingers warm and wrists too I guess. But please don’t take this the wrong way :oops: I just use my jacket to cover my wrists. Please help me to understand b/c I’d like to knit them they seem like a fun project. Again I am just looking for understanding and then I can talk my huby in to letting me buy more yarn to make them. please please please don’t think that I thinkyou wasted your time or anything like that…please. I just dont understand the use of them. please don’t take this wrong I think your pattern is georgous and I like the fetching ones too.

They’re good for keeping your hands warm but still leaving you free to do things with your fingers, ie. knitting!! Or typing or whatever if you work in a cold office. Things like that! Also, I think it was on KellyK’s blog that she said that if your wrists are warm, your hands and fingers will be warm too because the blood flows from your wrists into your hands.

Don’t worry I’m not offended, it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay! :hug:

my hands get terribly fridged while I’m on the computer…humm wonder if this would solve that problem. My dh hates it when I come towards him after being on the computer b/c I warm my hands on his back or the back of his neck-I can hear him screaching now. :teehee: Thanks for the info, I may just have to make some… hummm
And thanks for not getting bent out of shape with my asking.