pattern explantion


I am working on the Cedar Lake Hat a ralvery pattern. It states to cast on 27 stitches for the edge. Repeat rows working flat 10 times. Then it states to pick up 98 stitches from edge. Where are the 98 stiches since I worked 27 stitches from the beginning! Help


Welcome to KH!

You’ve worked the brim in a cable pattern. You can see it running horizontally around the hat at the bottom edge. Now you’re going to pick up sts along one edge of the strip that you made and work the crown of the hat up from the horizontal cable.
Here’s a video for picking up sts in case you need it.

The pattern will tell you what to do with the initial 27sts. You’re probably going to seam them to the cast on sts to make a circle or shallow tube.