Pattern Explanation

I’m an experienced knitter, and yet I just can’t seem to figure out this pattern. ANY help would be much appreciated:

Like, why, if it says the body is knit in the round, does it only call for 3 needles? And how, when you only cast on one stitch, and increase from there, do you transition into the round?

Seems like there is information missing?


The three needles hold he stitches and a fourth will do the knitting.

That is written a little oddly. I’d cast one the one stitch do a few increases then put them on DPN.

After you do the 2nd round, put the sts on 2 of the needles and use a 3rd to knit in the round.

Really? Wow…seems easier to knit with 4. I haven’t done it though. Interesting.

Hmmm, interesting. And what about the second line where it says

“Kfb, then k again in same st. (3 sts)”

are you just knitting in ‘front’ again, to produce 2 increases (3 total) rather that just having the single increase?

That’s what it sounds like to me. :shrug:

Yeah, thats what I’ve done and it seems to be working out. looks like i chose a needle size a bit small though…

Thanks for the tips!

At that point, you’ve only got 3 sts, it’s a lot harder to wrestle dpns when there’s only 1 st on each. The pattern says to use 3 dpns in the first place. You only get up to about 15 sts so it’s easier to use fewer of them.