Pattern explanation

HI ALL! I am working on a pattern called “easy to imagine” sweater from This sweater is knitted holding 2 strands of yarn the entire time. I have completed the back and am now working the front of the sweater, but am having trouble understanding the section saying “shape neck” it says to:

“work 27 stitches, join another 2 strands of yarn, work center 8 sts and place on holder, work rem 27 stitches.” :??
does this mean I’ll be knitting with 4 strands of yarn now for the rest of the neckline? I’m stuck on that…and also:

“Working both sides at the same time, at each neck edge bind off 4 sts twice.”
This may sound silly, but bear in mind I am a super beginner. What does it mean to work both sides at the same time? And doesn’t “bind off 4 sts twice” really mean to just bind off 8 sts? :wall:
Any help, any comments would be GREATLY appreciated!

Basically, it means that you need to have two sets of working yarn going at the same time. Attaching a second set on the other side of the piece allows you to knit rows on both sides of your neck hole at the same time. You won’t use all 4 yarns at once. You’ll knit across those first 27 stitches with the first set of yarn, then attach and knit using the second set of yarn on the other 27 stitches. The middle 8 won’t be worked at all anymore, and they’re the bottom of your neckline.

If you didn’t add another set of yarns, you’d have a big stranded piece across the neck, or you’d only be able to work one side at a time. :slight_smile: I hope that explanation makes sense!

When it says bind off 4 stitches twice, it means on two successive rows. It creates a curve on the edge when you do 4 twice. Doing 8 at once would just make a straight line. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll have to read that a few more times to make sense of it myself. I am kinda slow without a picture or video.
Where would I be attaching the second set to? The piece, the neckline?
I wish I could watch someone do it!
It does get a little bit frustrating! I thought this would come easier to me, but I’ve only been knitting about 3 months. It’s coming slowly. THANK GOODNESS for this website!!

For the first part, you will work the first 27 stitches of your row with the two strands held together as you’ve been doing, and after the first 27 stitches you will stop working with those 2 strands. Leave that yarn attached because you still need it. Now, take another 2 strands held together and with those two strands you will work the next 8 stitches. In order to do that you can just start knitting with it - the first few stitches will seem VERY loose but that’s just because the end hasn’t been woven in yet. You can do that now or later.

The 8 stitches that you just worked will be put on a holder now, but you will continue with the 2 strands held together that you just used for the center 8 stitches, to work the last 27 stitches.

So now, you have working yarn coming from BOTH sides of the center 8 stitches. You will use one working yarn (2 strands) for one side of the neck and the other working yarn (2 strands) for the other side. Both sides of the neck can be worked simultaneously by alternating the balls of yarn when you switch from side to side.

When it says to BO 4 stitches, twice is means that you will bind off 4 stitches at the neck edge on 2 rows, NOT 8 stitches all at once. Binding off can only be done at the beginnings of rows, so when you are at the neck edge of both the left and right neck edges you will bind off 4 stitches on 2 seperate rows.

After you knit the 27 sts, drop that yarn and pick up the new strands and just begin knitting with it. Leave about a 6 inch tail and you won’t have to worry about it coming loose. When you’re finished, you can weave the tail in and it’ll be just fine.


WOW EVERYONE! Thank you SO much for all of your help. I feel a little silly sometimes asking beginner questions, but I figure, you are all the gals to ask!! I do appreciate your help! I’ll be RUNNING back to you for more help along the way I’m sure!!! YOU’RE THE BEST! :notworthy:
I promise to post a photo of the finished product!!
(when it gets done of course, I’ve got a ways to go!) :muah: