Pattern Explanation Please

I bought a pattern as my first cardigan and need some clarification please. I am about to start the armhole. This is what the pattern reads for the back:

When the back measures 37cm bind off 6-2-1-1 stitches each side every other row for the armhole. When the back measures 57 cm bind off 7 - 7 sts in each side every other row for the shoulders. NOTE: at the same time as the first bind off for the shoulder, bind off in the middle 16 sts for the neckline and work each side separately. Bind off another 1 sts 1 time for the neckline.

Can someone please explain the neckline. This is the back. I don’t understand why I would work on the neckline.
Thank you!

The bind offs at the neckline are to lend a bit of shape.
Bind off the given number of sts for your size at the beginning of the armhole. This may continue at the armhole edges but it’s difficult to tell without a pattern name or link.
At the given measurement for the shoulder, mark off the center 16sts and start the first shoulder bind off at the beginning of the row. Bind off the center sts when you come to the markers and continue to the end of the row. Turn and bind off at the beg of the next row and work to the neckline. You can work on this shoulder by turning, decreasing one stitch and finishing the row. Continue with the shoulder bind offs on this shoulder.
When the shoulder is completely bound off, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Rejoin the yarn st the neckline of the unfinished shoulder and work back to the armhole. Bind off for the shoulder and then dec one st at the neck edge. Continue to knit the shoulder with bind offs at the armhole.
Congrats on your first sweater. Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

Thank you so much. That makes a lot more sense. The pattern is Garter Stitch Cardigan M & K Linen.

I don’t have any friends who knit - so you have been a God send.

You’ve always got knitting friends here. Cute pattern!

Beginner question follow up: when it tells me to bind off 6-2-1-1 I am binding off 6 single stitches and it goes to 3z. For the 2 I am binding off 2 single stitches and it comes down to 1. What do I do with the 1 bind off?

When it says bind off 6-2-1-1 is that sts bound off on different rows or are those numbers for various sizes (6 for size S, 2 for size M, etc.)?
For the 6 sts, 2sts, 1 stitch and 1 stitch, bind off those sts if the pattern says bind off. If you end with a single stitch, cut the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail and pull the yarn end through the stitch loop.