Pattern Error? Or am I confused?

Hello all,

Another pattern reading question, but this time I think it might be a type-o in the pattern.

It’s the pattern for the mitten I am making and it’s the part for creating the thumb gusset:

[B]Thumb Gusset[/B]
Rnd1: K19, pm, M1, k2, M1, pm, knit to end - 42 sts
Rnd2: and all even numbered rnds: Knit
Rnd3: Knit to marker, sm, M1, knit to next marker, M1, sm knit to end - [I][B]42 sts**[/B][/I]
Repeat Rnds 2 and 3 until there are 12 sts between markers

On round 3, I can only assume that is supposed to be 44 as I am making 2 more stitches?

Thanks, still a rookie at this and so glad to have found this forum!

that would be my assumption…besides it doesnt matter what that number is. You just keep increasing till there are 12 stitches between markers.

Is there a reference after this as to how many stitches you have after youve taken the gusset outta the round?

Agree, it should be 44, but also agree you can sort of ignore it, and work until you have 12 sts between the markers.

Thanks - yeah it does - I just removed the thumb stitches and it reduced back to 40 sts just like the pattern indicates.

Now another question I have with this pattern:
when I’m measuring to know if i should move on “Continue even St st until piece measures 5’’ from the begining” How much should I be stretching the piece down to take this measurement? I have just been pulling it down lightly, kinda straightening it out.

Just straighten it out; if you stretch it then it’ll wind up too short.