Pattern error? glampyre's easy v-neck raglan

I’m moving right along in a very quick, very fun knit, but I think there’s an error and I’m trying to decide how to deal with it.

Glampyre’s easy v-neck raglan is knit from the top down, and after knitting the body in stockinette for 13 inches (for the size I’m doing), you then switch to k2, p2 rib. I started the ribbing last night and immediately realized that there is no way to do k2, p2 rib all the way around without ending up wiith one place being k4 instead of k2. I didn’t want one glaring k4, so instead I did a k3, p3 in one place on the side (thinking it wouldn’t be obvious and wanting to spare myself ripping back). The thing is, even though no one else would probably notice it, I think it’s going to bother me. I’m nearly 2 inches into what will be 5 inches of ribbing, and I hate to rip back, but I’m considering doing it just to get things right. But first I want to make sure it’s definitely a pattern error and not a knitter error.

There are 138 stitches. By my calculations, that makes 34.5 repeats of k2, p2 - in other words, there will definitely be a k4 at the end of the round when it runs into where things began. And I get the same problem no matter the size - the stitches are 118, 126, 138, 154, 166 depending on size. All of these divide into a k2, p2 repeat that leaves a spare k2 hanging out there. Am I right, or have I miscalculated somehow?

So my options are:
1 - keep going as I’ve done - k2, p2 all the way around with one random k3,p3 thrown in on one side.
2 - rip the ribbing out and do a k2, p2 all the way around except throw in one k3 on each side (flanked by p2s in both cases)
3 - rip the ribbing out and do a k3, p3 all the way around
4 - rip the ribbing out and do one decrease on each side so that I start the ribbing with 136 stitches, which divides neatly into a perfect k2, p2 rib

Thoughts? What would you do? Right now, I’m leaning toward option 2, though I really hate to rip back. I have searched the web to see if anyone else noticed this problem in the pattern and no one else has mentioned it (which makes me doubt myself!).

The number of stitches has to be divisible by 4 to make k2p2 work, so you’re right. I’d probably dec by 2 and use 136, since you seem to be leaning toward ripping it out, anyway.

Hey Stacey! :waving:

I haven’t knit that sweater, but I get what you get math-wise. That’s funny that she doesn’t tell you how to deal with the extra two sts. :??

I think what I would do is rip back and decrease two sts in the last round before the ribbing.

Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

ETA: I see that Ingrid beat me to it, but I’m very pleased that I came up with the same solution she did! :cheering: Woo hoo!

Thanks, Ingy! I emailed the designer right after I posted over here, and she wrote back immediately and said that it was indeed a pattern error (she’s going to fix it now). She advised the same as you. I hate to rip, but I’d rather not have one little niggly detail that bothers me in an otherwise excellent knit.

Thanks! :muah: