Pattern ends up with 2 extra stitches! please help asap!

Im working on a slouchy hat pattern. started with 60 stitches, increased to 80 then the pattern changes to K4,P2. when i get to the end of the row i end with my last purl and still have 2 extra stitches left that i dont know what to do with.

i want to keep working on this project but am stuck on that row! if someone knows what to do with the extra 2 it would be very very helpful.

Just knit them I guess if you’re going to keep on with the rib pattern. The k4, p2 repeat uses 6 sts which works with the 60 but doesn’t go into the 80. Are you supposed to switch to stockinette at that point?

umm im really not sure. ive just started knitting again so its been a few years. but the pattern is… row 1-6 k2,p2 row 7 KFB, P2 Row 8-10 K4, P2
so i dont know if i should knit the extra 2 then start the next 4 by knitting or count those 2 in the 4 that im supposed to be knitting. i dont know but it took me forever to get this far and i really dont want to mess it up now

and then after row 8-10 it turns into cable patterns

Row 7 seems to be missing something. There’s 2 k sts from the k2 p2 on the previous rows, yet you only kfb, p2, across the row? That uses 1 of the knit sts, not both. Or should it be kfb, kfb, p2? That would give you 4 knit sts and 2 purls. Does it say you’re to end up with 80 sts or that’s how many you did end up with? If you kfb twice then p2, I think you should end up with 90 sts which works fine with k4, p2.

It would help if you can tell us the name of the pattern and give a link if you have it. There might be errata for it.