Pattern ending question

I am working on a lace dishcloth wherein row six (wrong side) is repeated for every even row.

The ending directions say “repeat rows 6-21…, ending by working a WRONG side row.” Then it states directions for the last 5 rows before binding off stitches “in pattern”

My question is this…do I finish with row 21, then k and p the last 5, or do i work one more row 6, then start the last 5 rows?

Sorry if this sounds idiotic…


It’s not an idiotic question, it’s a very common one. If they say ending with a wrong side row, then the last row you knit will be one on the wrong side. If the even rows are wrong, then you can end on 20 or do another row 6.

It’s one of those patterns that you just have to use your judgement on.

I finished row 21 for the 3rd time… so I need to do one more row six, then begin the final five rows?

And when I bind off “in pattern” does that mean a standard bind off… knit two, slip one over, etc? Or am I supposed to bind off in knit/purl combo?? Thanks ingrid…


If they want you to do a wrong side row before you start the final five, then, yes, do row six again.

When the say bind off in pattern, then knit and purl as you have been doing and bind off with those stitches.

Thanks Ingrid… I guess I should read how to bind of in purl… lol

Thanks again for your help… I am off to do row six again! :cheering: