Pattern Edges That Are Not the Same

I’ve knitted a scarf in a pattern called Easy Leaves. The starting edge is scalloped, which just happens naturally with the stitch combination, but the ending edge is straight. This is the second pattern I’ve knitted up that’s given me this problem. And I don’t understand why this happens. Is the scalloping that happens naturally at the start not able to be duplicated or created at the end? When I contacted the pattern designer the first time I ran into this, she just kind of brushed it off and said to block it in the same shape as the beginning edge. But that doesn’t really work - it looks stretched and forced.

Does anyone know how to create that kind of edge at the end? And if not, can anyone explain why this happens? I’d be grateful for a solution because I like this scarf - it was a fast, easy & fun knit, but - and call me a ‘perfectionist’ - I’d like the ends to match!!

The best way to duplicate it is to knit the first half, then start again and knit another half then graft them together in the middle. Some bind offs simply can’t be duplicated to match the cast on.

Can you please tell us the pattern name and give us a link? Don’t post the pattern here just the link.

That is an excellent solution! I’ve never grafted, which would be another knitting learning experience. I did watch a grafting video a while ago though, and I was impressed by the invisibility of the join.

But as far as the current scarf, I guess I’m stuck with different shaped ends. Then again, the pattern is fun & easy enough I may just frog it and start over.

Here’s the link - - it’s by Jennifer Jones.

Thanks for your suggestion on this.

You’re welcome. Just looked at the pattern… grafting lace is more difficult to make it look right though. Honestly though lace really looks best blocked which would give your ends both definition with the points. To make the ends and the scarf even blocking wires and pins would be best as I don’t think just laying it out is going to work for this one. Here’s an example -

Good point about grafting lace. And I took a look at the link. Do you see how one end is barely formed? That’s what I wanted to avoid. And the only option I have is to lay it out. I don’t have any other tools or methods. And my scarf isn’t even hinting at the points on the sides, so I wouldn’t bother with trying to block those out. It’s only the ends that I’m looking to make even.

I’ll of course be blocking the whole scarf but the only “forming” I’ll try is that one end. The yarn is merino so it should take the blocking pretty well, even if it’s just laying it out. All I can do is try.

Anyway, thanks for your input. Good to learn 2 things: one, that the naturally scalloped co end cannot be repeated at the bo end, and two, that I’ll be better off learning grafting on an item knitted in stockinette. So much to learn in knitting!!

What bind off did you use? The standard passover bind off? That could be the problem. Here’s a link to a stretchy bind off video. A Stretchy Decrease Bind Off Another you might try is A Stretchy Pass Over Bind Off (JSSBO) Your scarf is lovely and if you can get the ending you like it’s worth the effort I think.

If the bind offs interest you and you don’t like those videos there are others. Just google the name of the bind off.