Pattern dog collar?

Thanks!!! xo

Clever idea, but I’ve never seen one! :thumbsup:

Here are two

She’s looking for a collar COVER not a collar, Julie. Those were nice though!

Well I thought it was pretty weird that you never heard of a knitted dog collar LOL

AprilBxoxo…you will probably get more dog collar patterns and not what you were really looking for because your original post doesn’t say what you’re looking for (did you delete that by accident when you went back to edit it?)…and the title of your thread says that’s what you’re looking for.:??

Good luck:knitting:

April, it’s better if you don’t delete your original post info. Now no one knows what it is you are really asking for and won’t be able thelp you if they come across a pattern or an have an idea. If you want to offer thanks, just reply to do so. :slight_smile: