Pattern does't add up

Or maybe I just ran out of fingers and toes.

Cast on 42 sts.
Knit for some rows without adding or decreasing.
With 42 sts on needle;

Cast off 6 stitches, knit to end of row. (36 my calculation)
Cast off 6 stitches, knit to end of row. (30 my calculation)

Patt 8 rows.
That means;
1 (24 by my calculation)
2 (18 by my calculation)
3 (12 by my calculation)
4 (6 by my calculation)
5 (0 by my calculation)
6 (-6)
7 (-12)
8 (-18)

So, I’m still thinking I do not understand Patt 8 rows.

A bit discouraged as nothing I make or try to make lately is working out.
I really need to finish something to boost my moral.

You will not continue binding off 6 stitches at the beginnings of the rows. Just those two rows that it spells out, I’m pretty sure. When it says ‘patt 8 rows’ it just means to keep following whatever stitch pattern you’ve been using, be it stockinette stitch, or garter, or lace or whatever. After those two bind off rows, unless it tells you otherwise, you will continue without any further binding off at this point.

was the part in between the casting on of 42 stitches and the with 42 stitches on the needle a pattern? that would be my first thought, that after you cast off the 6 stitches on either side, you are supposed to knit the pattern you were doing before. :shrug:

Thanks! Funny how my brain doesn’t work. That didn’t ever occur to me.
(to not count the bind off as part of the pattern)

Now I have to try and tink the bound off parts but I don’t want to start over from scratch as I’ve already done that and I"m loop knitting. Loop knitting isn’t fun and I may never do it again.