Pattern doesn't make sense to me

Hi all,

I’m a simple knitter (not advanced at all). Anyway, I would really like to knit a free pattern by Berroco called Seabrook (it’s a vest). It states easy but there are 2 parts that I’m confused about. The first part is after I work 18 sts, place the marker, work 28 sts (xl), the rest of the sts are many more than the first 18 sts. I would tend to think it should be even on both sides for the right and left armholes?? The second part I’m confused about and don’t know how to do is to pick up stitches and cast on. Maybe I shouldn’t try to attempt this pattern since I’m not experienced enough.

Below are the instructions:


With circular needle, cast on 84(84-88-88-90-92) sts. DO NOT join.

Row 1 (RS): Working in Seed St, work 18 sts, place marker, work 24(24-26-26-28-30) sts, place marker, work to end. Work even in Seed St until piece measures 12(13-14-15-16-17)" from beg, end on WS.

Right Armhole: Next Row (RS): Work to first marker, sl marker, bind off 24(24-26-26-28-30) sts, sl marker, work to end.

Following Row: Work in Seed St casting on 24(24-26-26-28-30) sts between markers over sts bound off on previous row. Work even until piece measures 24(27-30-33-36-39)" from beg, end on WS.

Left Armhole: Work same as right armhole. Work even until piece measures 36(40-44-48-52-56)" from beg, end on WS. Bind off.

Lastly, I am a thrower so the seed stitch would not be fun, I was thinking maybe I can do the entire pattern in the garter stitch.

Any thoughts? I wanted to knit a simple drapey vest.


Very nice looking vest and it looks like a fairly quick knit on large needles.

This vest is knit from the right front edge to the left front edge. It’ll be knit sideways. That’s why the placement of markers isn’t symmetrical. In the schematic at the end, you’ll be knitting from the bottom of the drawing to the top.
Here’s a link to some cast ons. You could use a knit cast on if you want to begin the vest and then use that same cast on later at the armhole.
Try a swatch with your yarn and needles to see what the garter stitch looks like. It should work out but the swatch will help you determine the best size needle to use and the look of the knit fabric.

Wow! Thanks so much, I didn’t realize it was to be knit sideways, duh!! :?? Anyway, I made a swatch using the garter stitch to get the correct gauge and it really looks good (almost like the seed stitch because it’s loopy looking). I first tried the 11 circular needle but my gauge was too large so then I tried a 10 needle and that worked out fine.

Thanks for the tips on cast on’s and the video.