Pattern disaster! how do i do this?!?!?!

Hi everyone!
I have a major problem… I want to create a blanket for my boyfriend with the Toronto Police Crest/logo, his badge number and name on it for his graduation this coming Jan. But everyone i speak to gives me differant information.

Some say to use a cross stich pattern designing site, to help me with transfering the logo into graph format but then contradict themselves when they say that its not be the best fit for what i want to do as it will make the picture squished looking. and i also need to pay for this type of service.

its going to be waayyy too difficult and time consuming for me to psycially draw out the pattern onto knitters graph paper.

I found another site that transfers the picture onto knitters graph paper but i dont know if i should use this because another knitter told me that my image will look distorted and that there are too many colours involved in the pattern now … the link is:

I was also told that i should knit this in intarsia. I guess because it will save me in wool.

Another thing is that i dont want the Logo etc. to be some little tiny 8" X 9" picture on a blanket that is ment to be a couch blanket for a man who is 6’6 and 250lbs. it would be really nice to have the image cover 1/2 to 2/3 the blanket.

hopefully someone has some advice for me!

Thanks very much for all your help:-)

Well, I’m not sure about all your questions, but it will have to be knit in intarsia or duplicate stitch unless you want to double knit it in which case it will be extremely heavy as well as bulky and awkward to knit on.

I can tell you this - a cross stitch graph is very similar to a knitting chart. However, one cross stitch is a perfect square and one knit stitch is not. That is why using a cross stitch program to make your chart may not be the perfect solution.

If the Knitpro site is free, go ahead and try it. No harm done is seeing what it gives you for a chart of the logo. THe number of colors will depend on the shading of the original logo.

Once you have a chart, you can probably ‘tweek’ the colors.

I agree, you’ll want to knit it using intarshia method, especially if there are lots of colors.