Pattern directions "Ruby Bear"

Hi I am working on the head of the Ruby Bear now. I am a bit confused regarding these instructions. DNFL-1006 by Michelle Wilcox. Needles 9 # 6 worsted yarn. I am at the end of row 3 with 24 stitches on my row. Row 5: [k1, Inc in next stitch] 6 times= 36 stitches . The math does not figure out here. It actually takes a more than 7 times to make 36 sts by these instructions with incomplete on total row. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you:knitting:


Ruby Bear PDF

Row 3: Inc in each st across ā€“ 24 sts.
Row 5: [K1, inc in next st] 12 times ā€“ 36 sts

Are we looking at the same pattern? This one says inc 12 times which would give the correct stitch count.

Unless Iā€™m on the wrong line, Row 5 days to repeat it 12 times
[k1, Inc in next stitch] 12 times= 36 stitches .*

That does add up

Which part of the pattern are you on? There are variations on these instructions for the head, ears, arms etc.