Pattern directions help

I am about to start the Everyday Hoodie by Blue Sky using worsted cotton and I am confused about the beginning directions. I plan to cast on using the knitted cast-on method.

Can someone please translate this a but for me?

CO (198) sts. --I got that part! :slight_smile:
[B]Beg St st, beg with a purl row; work even for 3 rows.[/B] --Do I begin kitting or purling? What exactly does work even mean? I think it to mean no increases or decreases.

[B]Purl 1 RS row (turning row). [/B] --Huh? I just understand the purling part, not the RS or turning. I think it means I purl when I’d typically knit this row.

Work in St st for 3 rows. – I understand this part.

Thank you! And if you’d made this sweater, I’d love any tips! This will be my first garment. I’ve only ever made hats, scarves, pillow covers, and bags.

Reading more I thought I’d add the next part:

[B]Next Row (RS): *K2tog (1 st form working needing together with 1 st from CO edge), rep from * to end. Work even in St st until peice measures 11 1/2 inches ending with a WS row.[/B]

I only get part of this. I think it means on the Right side, knit 2 together , but how exactly escapes me. (I’m pretty sure this is making a binded edge or hem.) Continue that until it measures to 11 1/2 inches ending on a wrong side row (inside side).

“[B]Beg St st, beg with a purl row; work even for 3 rows.[/B]”

You will knit 3 rows in stockinette st, starting with a purl row. Work even means to not inc or dec.

“[B]Purl 1 RS row (turning row).[/B]” Yes, you just purl on the RS row to make a purl ridge which will be where you later turn up to make a hem. Then after you do another 3 rows in stockinette, you knit one st from the cast on together with one st that’s on the L needle. That’s going to make the hem.

Thanks Suzeeq! Maybe I undertstood it more than I realized and just didn’t trust myself with it.

If you had to cast on 198 stiches, what method would you use? Nothing is suggested in the pattern, but after reading the Cast on directions here, I am beginning to think that I should do a long tail. I just heasticate on that since I’d hate to underestimate what length tail I need to start with for that many stitches.

I use LT for most cast ons and if I have way too much tail I just start over. But since this is going to be a hemmed bottom, I think I’d use the knitted cast on as it’s fairly loose, and it’ll be easier to pick up the CO sts to knit with the others.

That’s great to know. I couln’t remember why the woman at the knitting store suggested knitted cast on for this project. (I twould have helped if my kids hadn’t taken my pattern and my notes and hid them somewhere! I had to go buy another pattern the other day.)

Thank you so very much!