Pattern design question

i am working on this pattern and i am wondering about sewing up the sides. i asked the lady who created the pattern what happens when you sew up the sides like it shows in the pattern and she said they just turn in to thick triangles that she just tacks to the sides or that some people have cut out. what i am wondering though is if i just leave them UNsewn would it hurt the integrity of the bag? i know the shape would be different and all that but would the bag be unstable or anything? i can’t see a logical reason why it would be but there may be something i am missing.

I think the shape of the bag WITH the triangles sewn makes the pattern. That is really cute. If you didn’t sew them, it would look more like the French Market Bag. Also, I think it’s possible that if you left them on, hanging loose, that the bag might be quite floppy and things could fall out. If you leave them, you might want to play with the placement of the strap to make the rim more stable.

Me again. I really think that the top would be unstable and that you’d have to add a button and loop closure to it. There’s my two cents. :wink:

sheeeesh sara i was hoping someone wouldn’t say what i already suspected was true…sigh :wink:

thanks for your two cents…i have already made the bag bigger than what the pattern says to so i prolly shouldn’t mess with it much more i guess…of course i prolly should also go get the rest of the yarn to finish the darn thing… :rofling: