Pattern decrease

Hi! I really need to know what to do when a pattern tell you to decrease on the right side every 5th row. It doesn’t work! So I am doing every 6th row. Is that ok?

Can you share the link to the pattern you are using?

They could be counting the rows without counting the actual decrease row. So 1,2,3,4,5,decrease; 1,2,3,4,5,decrease. In which case, yes, every 6th row is really what you need because you’re right - you can’t decrease on the right side every 5th row. :slight_smile:

I’d double check against where the pattern is taking you to ensure that is really going to work. If you decrease every 6th row - based on row gauge, will you have the right length by the time you finish the decreases? If it’s too long, you might need/want to alternate between every 6th row and every 4th row to average out to every 5th row. Or just do the decreases every 5th row regardless of side.

Is there any errata for the pattern? Could just be a typo.

Thanks I will check the measurements. It is a download pattern from Ravelry called Seams tome summer tank.

Drive by link -