Pattern correction?

I’m knitting a victorian type scarf that I got on ravelry.I’m a little frustrated because at the end of row 5 there are supposed to be 5 stitches left- I have 9! At first I thought that I had miscounted but now I’m not so sure- I’ve tried 3 times! Here is an excerpt from the pattern. Please help maybe a correction is necessary and isnt noted Thanks
Cast on 170 (don’t panic, you’ll be greatly decreasing in a little bit.)
K 3 rows
4. K3, p to last 3 st, k3
5. K3, *k1, yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo; repeat from * to last 5 st, k2tog, k3

Can you give a link to the pattern on Rav?

Start at the beginning of the row and name your sts rather than count them. You’ll have -
4 knits, yo, 2 knits, 2 decs, 2 knits, yo, knit, yo, 2knit, 2 decs, etc…

Did you do the YOs as just a wrap around the needle? There’s no knit st for a YO except what’s written in the pattern. Or you may have forgot one of the decs.

I don’t see any errata or anyone saying that had problems so I suspect it’s probably something simple you might be doing incorrectly. :think:

ok- now I’m seriously annoyed!
I used the correct amount of stitches and counted before I started knitting- Then I counted out each section of pattern and recounted when finished I have 2 extra stitches and according to my pattern, I have done everything right! Now I’m super frustrated and still have 2 extra stitches!!!

Try the pattern with some other yarn on a smaller number of sts and see if it works out right. CO 26 and that should allow you to do the pattern repeat on R 5 twice plus the edge sts. Maybe that will help you figure out where you’re getting off.

The 170 sts should allow you to do the pattern repeat 18 times, then there’s the k2tog at the end and the 2 k3 edges.