Pattern conversion

I have a pattern for a knit-in-the round hat. Can I convert the pattern to use two needles - back and forth - and then stitch it together? Someone said that every other row I should do the opposite. So if round one is knit and round two is purl, should I knit round two?

Whatever you do on the wrong-side rows would be reversed–in stitch and in the order of the stitches.

So yes, if round 2 is purled, you’d knit it.

Here are two easy patterns for you using two needles.

When you knit in the round, you are always knitting the same side of the project.

To stockinette in the round, you knit all rows. For garter stitch, you knit a round, purl a round.

Flat knitting is the opposite. To stockinette, you knit a row, then purl a row. Garter stitch is knit all rows.

Think about if you were to knit back and forth on two needles, so you never turned the work. It would be similar how knitting in the round works, because you always have the work in the same direction. Thus, all you knit stitches and purl bumps end up on the same side every time.