Pattern conversion

Hi all:

I’m trying to convert a 1950’s crocheted head scarf (head band warmer) into knit on the round, but I have no clue how to make use the decreases only on the back-half. I thought I could just bind off the front portion (3 in) and work straight for the extra width of the back (6 in), but then it won’t fit right because it’ll just be this weird extra blob that’s not connected to the front for a snug fit. The base circumference - from forehead hairline around the back hairline is 22 inches - and the crown circumference is 20 inches. Basically, I’m trying to knit varying widths in the round so that I don’t have to join it. I thought I could add my increases into the middle of the work so that the first (base) and last (crown) few rows are circular joined. Something like every 2 rows, add in a straight back and forth and find some way to hide any holes from binding off and casting back on.

If anyone has experience with this kind of pattern, I’d love to hear your solution. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll just have to knit it flat and join it (sigh).


You can do short rows. They’re not increases, but you only work part of the sts (where you want it bigger). You would knit, turn your work and work back across just those sts, turn again, work over the sts plus a couple more of them, turn and work on the WS. Keep doing this until you’ve added enough. To avoid holes you wrap a st at the end of each row where you turn, then when you knit all the sts again, you would pick up the wrap and knit it with the end stitch. Knitty has a good article on short rows and wrapping a stitch.

Thanks for all of this. I’m going to work on this now. I’ll post the finished pattern/photo when I’m done.