Pattern conversion

I have a pattern for a turtleneck but want to make a different neckline.
How do I do this?[color=blue][/color][size=6][/size]

Well, that depends. What kind of neck do you want it to have?
You could search for a pattern that has the kind of neck you want and the same gauge and use the instruction for the neck.
I have a copy of “Sweater Design in plain english” and in there she desribes how to do different necks. Maybe your library has a copy of it too.

If you want to change it to a crew neck, just knit it shorter… 1 to 2 inches long should be fine, and cast off like normal.

If you want to change it to a v-neck or something more shaped, you’ll have to alter the body of the sweater first, by creating the v-neck shaping so that when you pick up stitches to knit the collar, the v cut will already be there.

What type of neck do you want?