Pattern conundrum

Hi all, I’m new to the site but wonder if I can get some help with a pattern that’s driving me mad!! It’s Drops 145-3 ‘Jay bird’ I just don’t understand the instructions ! 60 sts to start, knitting 60 rows to end up with 70sts on the needle. In blocks of 6 rows… Four of the rows knitted even and remaining two it says knit two sts in first stitch. This is a short row pattern and when knitting ‘back again’ every 6th row K2sts in first stitch in addition to the two regular increases. How can a total
Increase of 3 sts every 6 rows result in 70 stitches after 60 rows?? Or am I being REALLY dense???!!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Gorgeous pattern and worth working through.
It actually one stitch increased for every 6 rows.
This is a block of 6 rows from the first repetition:
K 1 row until 58 sts remain, turn and K back.
K 1 row until 56 sts remain, turn and K back.
K 2 sts in first st, K until 54 sts remain, turn and K back.
That’s because each line has two rows in it. The knit over a certain number of sts and the K back.

Arghhhh!! I’m still confused!! Thank you for answering!! If I’m only increasing one st in 6 rows, why does it say k2sts in 1st st twice … On 3rd and 6th rows ? And what does the K2sts every 6th row on Wrong side mean? Presume that’s as I knit back on my short row but I’m still counting a total here of 3 extra stitches every 6 rows… Sorry I’m being dense but just can’t grasp it!!! :confounded:

Sorry, I should have thought to number the rows. For that first repetition:
rows 1 & 2: K 1 row until 58 sts remain, turn and K back.
rows 3 & 4: K 1 row until 56 sts remain, turn and K back.
rows 5 & 6: [U]K 2 sts in first st[/U], K until 54 sts remain, turn and K back
So it’s only telling you to increase once on row 5 (one increase in 6 rows)

So there’s only the single increase in 6 rows.
Drops patterns can be a little difficult to get at first partly because they are translations. If anything, they try too hard to be clear and in repeating instructions, things become difficult.

The penny had just dropped as you replied!!! :blush::blush::blush: The only thing I don’t get now is the AT THE SAME TIME bit!! So grateful for your help!! I’ve been really grumpy over this all afternoon!!

Great! The At The Same Time directions are what I mean by over-specifying. You get the idea that you keep doing short rows with 2 fewer sts. So now they’re reminding you to do the increase that is in row 5 at the beginning of the RS row.
Most patterns would just leave it at “repeat the above short rows with 2 fewer sts” but they want to be clear that there’s an increase in row 5, the RS row.

Ah I SEE!! They have been over helpful and thus confused my pea sized knitting brain!! I am so pleased to solve this!! Will probably knit until dawn now to make up for lost time!! I do think the pattern was written in a very confusing way but maybe that’s me not understanding as I’ve only been knitting for a year or so!! Thank you SO much! X

You’re doing very well! Drops patterns confuse more than a few of us but they are lovely and the results are worth it. Enjoy the project.