Pattern confusion

Sorry I forgot what pattern this is, but it seems rather easy (for slippers) Its knit 14 rows garter stitch, then there are 2 decrease rows-

Decrease row 1: K 35 , k2 Tog, P2, SSK, k 35
Decrease row 2: P 34, SSP, K2, P2 tog, P 34

here is where I get confused…

Continue working these two decrease rows Keeping the decreases on [B]either side of the center two stitches [/B]until 40 are left-

It sounds easy enough but I followed the two rows and my decreases made a nice pattern, until I did it again… what does this either side of the centre two stitches mean, shouldn’t that just happen when you follow the pattern?

It’s a guide for you in the placement of the decreases. You’ll be changing the number of sts before and after the decreases (initial k35 and final k35) so rather than write out those numbers for each row, they remind you to keep the center 2 sts.

I still don’t understand… It works each row, so I don’t quite get this centre stitch thing.

If it’s all working out, the 2 knit sts with a line of decreases on each side then you’re instinctively doing it correctly.
The pattern is saving space by not specifying each decrease row. The following decrease rows would be
Decrease row 3: K 33 , k2 Tog, P2, SSK, k 33
Decrease row 4: P 32, SSP, K2, P2 tog, P 32
and so on.

Thank you for explaining- I was completely doing it wrong!