Pattern confusion

Hey guys! Just got this pattern and was set and ready to go when it looked foreign to me. It appears I start knitting off the icord I begin with? Then something about breaking the yarn? I’m just confused especially since it doesn’t specify where to begin on the icord or how many to cast on if I’m connecting it later?

See now confused i am? Can’t even get the question out clearly :wink:

Sorry here’s a link to the bonnet

Begin by casting on 3sts and working the I-cord for the given length.
At this point, you’re going to increase one stitch for every row of I-cord that you work. That increased stitch stays on the right needle (or you could slip it to a holder although this may be a little awkward). The I-cord is always 3sts.
When you the given number of sts (58sts for size small) on the right needle or holder, continue with plain I-cord with no increases. At the end of the I-cord, cut the yarn leaving a 4-6 inch tail to weave in.
The body of the bonnet is worked in the pattern stitch with the sts on hold.

That makes complete sense! Thank you so much. I love trying out something new :slight_smile: