Pattern confusion

I picked up a book at Michaels called knitted bears and for the body it says

Cast on 12 sts
Rows 1-2: GS
Row 3-8: inc 1 st at each end of rows 3,5 and 7 [18 sts]

But if I increase on only 3 rows I’ll end up with 15 sts not 18.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to increase each row and end up with 18 or do the rows it says and end with 15 that would mean the 18 is an error

Any ideas?

Row 3-8: inc 1 st [B]at each end[/B] of rows 3,5 and 7 [18 sts]

You cast on at each end, 2 sts. increased on 3 rows, that’ll make your count come out right.

Ahh it’s written stupid! I had to retread that highlighted part a few times before I understood

Here is another confusin part since its knit on straight needles

Row 34 divide for legs, k8, cast off 2, knit to end [8sts] Proceed on these 8 sts for first leg

Row 35-52: knit
Row 53: k2tog, knit to last 2 sts , k2tog
Row 54: cast off

Return to stitches left on needle, rejoin yarn and complete to match first leg.

Where was I supposed to break yarn in the first place?


You’ll finish the first leg, bind off, and then cut the yarn. Then you do do the second leg. Have you made a sweater? This is like working a sweater front and you could work them at the same time if you wanted.

No I haven’t attempted a sweater yet but I will be making a mini sweater for this bear! Ok so it’s row 34 that’s confusing me now knit 8 cast off 2 knit to end 8 sts for first leg, proceed on these 8 sts for first leg, I will have to cut yarn here correct?


So if I’m reading this right, you’re at the point of making the bears . . . ahem . . . crotch!

So you knit 8 stitches (leg #2) and then bind off 2 (crotch area). (If you’re not using circular needles, you might need to slip these first 8 stitches (for leg #2) to a stitch holder, scrap of yarn, or other needle cause you will ignore them for awhile.) Now your working yarn is ready to knit the next 8 stitches (leg #1). So knit those and then turn your work. Knit back and forth on these 8 stitches up to row 53, which is a decrease row. Then you bind off those stitches (leg #1 complete). Break your yarn and reattach to knit the 8 stitches on the holder (leg #2) per same directions.

Does that help?

Yes I think so! I’m on row 8 right now so if I get confused I’ll come back :slight_smile:

Ok I got it! Now for the arms it’s saying knit twice into each st , does that mean kf&b ?

Yes, the “knit twice into each stitch” does sound like a kf&b.

Ahh it’s written stupid! I had to retread that highlighted part a few times before I understood

No many patterns say to increase at ‘each end’ or ‘both ends’ or something. It’s just that our eyes (mine too) tend to skip over the word ‘each’ for some reason.

I’ll be sure to pay close attention to that then! I’m not sure i used the proper method, I cast on a backwards loop at the beginning of the row then kf&b on the last stitch to increase.

I’m just working on the arms now then I have to put him all together. My instructions say to sew him together do you think they mean with yarn or with thread? Is there a special stitch I should use to do?


I use a back stitch to seam if it’s not convenient to use a mattress stitch. Yanr works well for this but you could also use thread if you prefer.

He turned out sooo ugly :frowning:

Oh no! So sorry to hear it didn’t work. Is it worth it to try him again?

Maybe I think it may have been my seeming but looking at other bear patterns most are knit on DPN’s with increase and decreases. With the pattern I have you knit the head (1 piece) body with legs (2 peices) arms a piece each and the arm peices u fold in half then seem