Pattern confusion

I am working on a sweater size small named Julie in Debbie Bliss Luxury collection. I am having trouble with the left front. The pattern is formed by 4 repeated rows. Number on needle is 50. For two of the rows the pattern works. However on the other two the pattern is a repeat of 14 stitches with the last group adding a stitch (15). 3 repeats of the pattern equals 42 stitches. What do I do with the remaining 8? Any suggestions?

We could help you better if we could see what the pattern says for those 4 rows. So if you would type in only those rows, it would be great.

Thank you.
Row 1 rt side…p1 *k2, p2,k2,p1;rep from * to end
Row 2. *P2,k2,p2,k3,p2,k2,p1; rep from * to last stitch, p1
Row 3. K1,*p2,k2,p2,k1; rep from * to end
Row 4. *k2,p2,k2,p3,k2,p2,k1; rep from * to last stitch, k1

On row 1 the repeated sts use 14 sts (7 time 1))plus the first p1 = 15
on row 2 and 4 the repeat is 14 sts plus the last p1 = 15
row 3 also repeats 7 sts twice for 14 and the first p1 = 15

So all the repeated stitches will use 15 and that’s just the stitch pattern, the actual instructions for the piece may have you knit a few sts before and after the repeated ones so you use all 50 sts or for a front edge border.