PATTERN confusion

HEY ALL…I’m working on the lionbrand “Radiant Sweater” and just started the sleeve and already came upon a snag (no pun) I’m not sure how to approach this direction:

“Continue in St st, inc 1 st each side every 6 rows 0 times, every 8 rows 4 times, every 10 rows 2 times, then every 12 rows 0 times”

does this mean I just knit 6 rows straight from where I am and then M1 every 8 rows 4 times as in, I’m knitting 32 rows?
M1 every 10 rows 2 times as in knitting 20 rows and then 12 rows straight?
I should have a piece 13 inches long when done…I’m just a little unsure…
I’m on a US 9 needle using worsted araucania aysan
THANKS for the extra EYES (:oo:) on it!


You would skip the first instruction, inc on the 8th row 4 times, then every 10th row twice and skip the last instruction. Then go to whatever it says next after the last increase on the 10th row.