Pattern Confusion


I am following a pattern for a satchel that I found online ( ). So far things have been great, but now I’m confused. Here is what the pattern says: “Using CC, k38 sts with CC, BO remaining sts using I-Cord BO. At end of round, place I-Cord sts on sts holder”.

If the stitches have been bound off, why is it necessary to put them on a stitch holder? Is this just because I will be joining them to the flap later on? Also, how would you put them on a stitch holder? The only way I’ve ever used a stitch holder is to put it through open stitches.

After that I work a simple stripe pattern for the flap of the bag, then it gets confusing again. It says: “Break yarn at end of last row. Place all sts on hold on double-pointed needles. With WS facing, using CC and circular needle, beg at corner where flap attaches to bag (lower right corning when WS facing), pick up and p 30 sts along edge of flap (pick up 3 sts for every 4 rows), p held sts from double-pointed needles, pick up and p 30 sts down rem edge of flap, ending next to held sts from I-Cord BO. 98 sts on needle. With RS facing, rejoin CC to held I-Cord sts and BO all sts around flap using I-Cord Bo.”

When it says “break yarn” does that mean that I should actually cut the yarn, or just put it down until I am prepared to start purling sts from the dpns? Also, how do I “rejoin CC to held I-Cord sts”?

Thank you to everyone who can help!!

At the end of the icord bind off you’ll have probably three stitches left that they want you to put on hold. These are the stitches ‘on hold’ for continuing the icord bind off at the end.

When it says to break the yarn, then, yes, cut it. You won’t be using it from that point, I believe.