Pattern confusion

Can you help??

After making the bulk of this pattern I apparantly (RS) K2tog, pattern 33 sts, turn and then leave remaining sts on a holder. Continue on these sts for first side.

after a few more plain and simple rows… they want me to do this…

return to sts on holder, slip first 26 sts on to a holder, rejoin yarn to next st, pattern to last 2 sts, k2tog. complete to match first side of neck, reversin shaping…

What on earth are they wanting me to do??!

You’re working the shoulders on either side of the neck. The stitches on the holder in the middle will be worked to make the collar after you finish the shoulder shaping.

thanks but how do i “ontinue on these” when ive put them on a holder and then return to them later? sorry I need it in basic english…

Its a dog coat

When they say “Continue on these sts for first side” they mean to continue on the 34 sts you have after the “k2 tog, pattern 33 sts”, not to continue on the ones you put on the holder. You will be working the “few more plain and simple rows” on the 34 stitches and leaving the ones on the holder alone for now.

When it says to “return to sts on holder” you keep the first 26 sts on a holder (they’ll be the middle stitches of the row, which will be at the base of the neck), then slip the rest of the stitches off the holder one by one and back onto a needle. Rejoin the yarn to the stitch nearest the neck stitches, and “pattern to last 2 sts, k2tog.” and work that side to match the other side, just with the shaping reversed.

Later, the pattern will have you returning to the 26 stitches that remain on a holder, so that you can work on the neck.