Pattern Confusion

I am a new knitter and trying to make a baby blanket on circular needles. I am a bit confused by my pattern.
My pattern indicates that
Row 13 - K3P3K3 P9 K9 P9 to last 18 stitches, place marker then P9 K3P3K3
Row 14 - P3K3P3 K9 P9 K9 to last 18 stitches, place marker then K9 P3K3P3
Row 15 - Repeat Row 13
Row 16 - Repeat Row 14
So am I placing a total of 4 markers or just the first two which are indicating where the last 18 stitches begin and they just move up with my knitting. Now it doesn’t mention anything about slip/moving marker from one needle to the other, but I am assuming that I move it from one needle to the other.
Except my next two rows are basically repeats of Row 13 & 14 but instead of placing marker, it says to slip marker. By this time haven’t I already slipped my marker (from one needle to the next)?
Am I confusing myself too much?
Please help me find piece of mind before I lose it.


Yes, you’ll only be placing 2 markers, each 18 stitches in from the end, although I think they really should be 9 stitches in from the end. Then whenever you get to them as you’re knitting, you just slip them from the left to the right needle.

It also looks like there might be an error in the pattern because on Row 13 you are basically alternating K9 and P9, but then it says to P9K3P3K3 at the end, so you’d end the K9P9 repeats and do ANOTHER P9? :??

What pattern is this? Is it the “Baby Blocks” afghan from A Good Yarn?
If so, I know there was a pattern error in the first edition of the book.

How many total stitches do you have in the row?

Hope this helps a little.

Happy Knitting :XX:


Boy, you are good!
It is the pattern (Baby Blocks) from the Shop on Blossom Street (I think A Good Yarn is the name of the shop and the second book). That book made me want to learn how to knit.
I will be honest with you, I don’t have my pattern with me at work (That’s what I am supposed to be doing right now), so I was typing the instructions from memory. So I may be off or confused on the Knitting/Purling count.
What was really confusing me was the issue of the stitch markers, but it sounds like I am on the right track and am using the markers to signal when my K9P9 or P9K9 is ending and that I need to pay attention to the change in the pattern.
Thank you!

Yep, it was The Shop on Blossom Street.

I’ve got A good Yarn on the brain right now because I’m knitting the socks from THAT book. (And there’s an error in that pattern, too.) :rollseyes:

I’ll check my copy of Shop on Blossom Street for the pattern error, but as I recall it only involves what row you should be on when you cast off. I’ll email tomorrow.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Hi again,

The error in the pattern was in the first edition of the hardcover book.
I think it was corrected when the paperback edition was published.

Originally directions said: repeat rows 13-36 until piece measures approximately 42" and you have worked row 16 or 32.

It should be: and you have worked row 24 or 36.

It actually works better if you end after row 24. That way the border blocks work out correctly. If you end after row 36, then for the 12 row border you have to do row 5-8, then do row 1-8 to get the blocks to alternate correctly. Have fun with this. It is a nice pattern. Is it for your baby or is it a gift?

BTW, I finished the second sock last night. :cheering:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Well, I was making it for a friend who is pregnant with her fourth child. She has three girls and number four is a BOY! (or else she had her thumb in the wrong spot).
My son, Joey was born 6 weeks premature and spent a week in the Neo-natal unit at the hospital. There is a group of ladies (maybe men too) who knit blankets and hats for the babies in NICC unit, so I have a beautiful blanket for Joey which I think may be the same pattern. I would really like to do a blanket for when we decide to have another child.
I am really enjoying the knitting and will be going with my friend Margie (who is also addicted (much more than I) to knitting, to the yarn store tomorrow. I am lloking forward to seeing what else I can make that doesn’t require too much concentration. After working all day and then taking care of my son and husband, I don’t have much left at night and would really just like to sit and knit.
Thank you again for all your help.

Enjoy all the babies!

I worked at Children’s Hospital in Detroit, MI for nineteen years, and sending the babies home from NNICU was always great! :happydance:

We always had a party every year for all the “graduates” and it was wonderful so see how they’d all grown. :cheering:

Happy Knitting! :XX: :XX: