Pattern confusion

I am making a diagonal dish cloth with a pattern in the centre, It says to continue on until there are 40 stitches, but I have 41, however my pattern does not seem to be compromised, it looks really nice!
I am going to continue knitting and end with probably 50 (ish) stitches. Anyway, on the pattern it indicates that I should continue lace pattern, so does that mean I am to decrease do the lace pattern 1, and then decrease again and do lace pattern 2 etc? Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, for your decrease rows you follow that same pattern of lace rows just with a decrease (k2tog) on either side of the YO’s.

You can write it out if that helps you follow it.

Dec R1: “k1, k2tog, yo k2tog, k to marker, sm” in place of the “k2, yo, k to marker, sm” from the increase rows 1, 2, 3, & 4.


Thanks Jack!